Welcome to Dyestuff and Wares!

We do all of the tying, dying, and designing

of each item we sell.

Specialty Items

Valentines Day Wares

All Valentine's Day Wares are seasonally colored and most are embellished with different Vinyl appliques. More to be uploaded soon!!!

Valentine's Day Wares

Woman's Specialty

Hello to all ! As I was dyeing the new women’s specialty shirts I felt the need to share some important information! Our Women specialty line is all gently worn recycled clothing!

We focus on well known quality cotton brand names. Each piece is one of a kind! I know that this recycled collection is one of our best sellers! Thank you to all of you who support out recycling efforts! ☮️🌈

Woman's Wares


We have noticed that several of you have been looking for sweatshirts here is a link you can check out our collection.